PABX Telephone Installation

    Everyone wants to move to VOIP, but what if your provider cannot give you the speed necessary to ensure your voice communications are adequate for your needs? You could speak to Signoserve communications and we could provide you with a faster more reliable Ethernet service or you could ask us to review on your current system.

    So with today's ever increasing demands for data transmission rates, we can easily overlook the importance of the voice cabling and its its interface with the rest of the cabling system. However, if you require maintenance or system support, then please give us a call to discuss your existing PABX Network.

    After all what is a business without communications with its customers, a voiceless non contactable company? No exactly. Ask any IT Manager which more important, voice or data, and they will tell you that voice is the most critical as, without this; an organisation cannot communicate with the outside world

    The voice cabling often provides the interface between the PABX and the structured cabling system. To facilitate ease of management Signoserve communication can present your PABX extensions on 25 or 50 port RJ45 Patch panels so that voice services can be easily patched through to the appropriate work area outlet

    PABX Telephone Installatio services from Signoserve communication is as historic as the copper in your existing infrastructure, Signoserve communication has been has been involved with installing cabling infrastructure since it was formed, Our voice cabling installation portfolio includes:

  • CW 1308 multi-pair Telephone cables
  • Test Jack frames
  • Distribution Frames and Cabinets
  • Box Connections
  • Connection Strips
  • Where workers are spread across multiple floors of buildings or multiple buildings Signoserve communication can provide multi-pair backbone cables to link the various work areas.

    Where voice services are operated separately from the data cabling Signoserve communication can install and maintain traditional block wiring solutions, thus extending the life cabling systems and maximising their return on investment

    So whatever your voice cabling requirements Signoserve communication has the capability to offer the highest levels of performance, quality and support, all at a cost effective price.

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